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"My little French bulldog, Oscar, is a somewhat neurotic dog who picks up the slightest hint that we might be leaving town and starts getting nervous. If we say the word "pack" his ears prick up and if we pull out a suitcase, he sits by the door and try's to head us off when we open it.

Jane is the only reason we can leave town. He jumps for joy when he sees her and is so happy for her the whole time. She sends photo updates from each visit and is so flexible with scheduling.

Thank you, Jane, from my husband, me and Oscar"

-P.D. Towe

Love Letter to Jane,


"Shhhhhh! Don't tell mom and dad. When we see them bring out the suitcases, we know that you are coming. All three of us gather in the dining room to conference over our excitement. Our tails start wagging and our dreams begin to form because your coming is spa time for us!!

You greet us like you really really love us. Then you start having great conversations with each of us and taking wonderful pictures of our special poses. You are so creative! We think you send those pics to our parents because we've caught you laughing while doing it.

You do so many wonderful things for us. We get our meds on time, fresh water and fresh food bowls, play time with our toys and the best brushing ever. You prepare our home for the morning and when you come back you prepare it for the evening. Jane you are just awesome! When our parents return, we have to work really hard to look like we missed them when, really, we always have a ball with you.

Jane thanks for the relief you bring to our tired parents when they leave us at home. They know how good you are to their babies. They love you, you love us and we love you forever!!!"

Bye Dear Jane,
​Horford, the Ambassador 

"Small Tails-R-Wagging puts our minds at ease when we travel, thanks to the heart-warming patience and caring of Jane Kornblatt. Our little Roxie is 19 years old. She clearly needs special attention and a loving touch in our absence. Jane does this all with a smile. We fully appreciate the pictures of Roxie (with insightful, telling legends) that Jane texts to us during each of the multiple visits per day that we request she makes. So we always KNOW Roxie is being cared for. Jane is totally dependable, and she always asks about Roxie even when she is not pet-sitting. She has our strongest and most enthusiastic recommendation for taking care of your dear pet!"

— Ken & Cathy 

​​We moved from Lexington Ky. to Gainesville---2013 And, my biggest concern was 'HOW can we find a loving, bright, reliable person to care for our family member 'Tug' when we are away? '

BIG ANGST BORN OF LOVE! Jane was/is a gift--and has so far and away exceeded my hopes-- --and my hopes were so high. I wished for what any of us who hope for a child or animal we LOVE-- another person who 'gets' how treasured this creature is,.. Jane is the mix that ordinarily doesn't occur--where heart/mind/character combine!...Jane has borne patiently with my neurotic concerns about Tug's need for not just food--BUT--presence, affection, play, cuddling...and is to loyal, and trustworthy. I can never express how much I trust, rely upon, and cherish the presence of Jane in the life of our family... so thankfully, Laurel

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